How to Choose Your Handset


One of the main reasons why majority of mobile users prefer a contract phone over Pay As You Go deals or SIM only deals is because of the handset choice. When you apply for a contract phone, you get to choose your mobile phone. If you have good credit, sky is the limit when it comes to your options. But just because you can choose whatever phone you want doesn’t mean you should hook up with whatever’s available. Like with any major purchases, choosing your handset carefully matters. Here’s how to ensure you’ll choose the right handset for your needs and budget:

1. Consider your budget

First things first, you really should set a budget before shopping around for a handset. While a phone contract will let you subsidize the cost of your phone, the monthly fee can still be very expensive depending on your handset choice. If you opt for the latest handset, for instance, you may end up paying a hefty bill for the next 24 months. It’s best to set your budget first so you’ll have a better idea, which phones to look into more closely.

2. Know what you want

In addition to your budget, another key consideration is what you want. This part should cover the brand, type of phone and type of operating system that you want. While considering what you want in a phone, it also pays to think about how you’ll use the phone. Will you use it mainly for calling, text messaging or for browsing? Will you be relying on your phone for everyday communication and email checking? These are some considerations to take into account when choosing a handset.

3. Compare key phone features

Let’s not forget about your phone’s key features. To maximize what your handset choice can offer, you need to dig deeper when it comes to features such as display, camera, battery life, processor and more. While the latest handset may offer the best features, you should know which features to prioritize. One phone, for example, may have the best battery life but not necessarily the best camera. By knowing the key features that you want and need, you’ll be able to choose the right handset more efficiently. For additional tips on how to choose your handset, PC Mag has a comprehensive guideline for you.

4. Compare phone deals

Once you’ve settled with what you want and your budget, it’s time for the best part of the process. It’s time to compare deals that offers that handset that you want. Whether you want the latest iPhone 6S or the Samsung Galaxy S6, major carriers in the UK are offering a diverse selection of deals to cater to individual needs. Your job is to find the perfect deal that does not only meet your needs but more importantly your budget.