About Us


Lonsas Phones is a leading name in the UK specializing in providing the market with affordable and accessible bad credit mobile phones. Our mission and vision are simple. We exist to ensure that customers with bad credit still get a chance to avail a contract phone despite their poor credit rating. If you’ve ever struggled or been denied a contract phone because you have a bad credit score, Lonsas Phones is here to help.

Since we established this website and the brand, we’ve helped numerous customers all over UK avail a phone deal fast. While we do not guarantee approval, we are renowned for our high approval rate. So long as you meet the eligibility criteria and you follow our expert recommendations, approval is often guaranteed. In fact, you can get approved within hours and use your phone as well as enjoy your phone services within 24 to 48 hours after activation. With Lonsas Phones, you can also ensure that you’ll always enjoy quick access to a variety of phone deals to suit any need and financial circumstance regardless of your credit score.