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Welcome to Lonsas Phones


Are you struggling to get approved for a contract phone? You’re not alone. In fact, thousands of consumers across UK are dealing with the same dilemma because of bad credit. Whether you have a bad credit rating due to CCJs, default or nonpayment, getting approved for a contract phone may prove more difficult than usual. This is where Lonsas Phones comes in. If you need help finding the best phone deal to suit your financial circumstance, we are here to save the day.

Who is Lonsas Phones?

With the ever-increasing demands for phone deals to cater to consumers with bad credit, Lonsas Phones exists to take care of said demands. As a leading name in the industry, our mission is simple. We are here to make sure that consumers who cannot avail a contract phone from major carriers get a phone deal they can afford at no hassles at all. With the help of our partners including PhonesWorld, we are able to give our customers quick access to a wide selection of phone deals offered specifically for people with bad credit problems.


What We Do?

Rather than reject contract phone applications, Lonsas Phones is here to find you, our customers, a suitable deal no matter your credit rating or credit history. Even if you’ve been rejected for a contract phone from other carriers, you can rely on Lonsas Phones to get you hooked to the right phone deal within 24 hours. To guarantee quick approval, we have a team of specialists who will assess your financial situation. Based on said assessment, we’ll give you a list of recommended phone deals to choose from where approval is more than likely provided that you meet the basic requirements.

Why Bad Credit Phones?

When you have a bad credit history getting in the way of your contract phone application, bad credit phones are excellent alternatives. Bad credit mobile phones, as its name suggests, are offered specifically to people with bad credit problems. There are no credit checks involved when applying for a bad credit phone hence the fast approval. You can get approved in 24 hours or less so long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Like with regular contract phones for people with good credit, you’ll get the same handset and bundle plan combo, which translates to huge savings granted that you picked the right phone deal. For more tips on how to choose your contract plan, click here.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for a bad credit phone plan, you only need to meet the basic requirements, which covers three grounds. You must be of legal age, a UK resident and finally, you must provide proof of income. As soon as you can prove that you are financially capable to cover the monthly fee for your contract plan, approval is almost always guaranteed. Additional documents that may be required include IDs with your photos, billing address, recent pay slips and bank details for automatic payment arrangement if preferred.

How to Apply?

To apply for a bad credit phone and get approved today, simply fill out the online application form. Lonsas Phones will have our team of specialists assess your personal circumstance immediately. We will then give you a list or recommended deals to choose from. Pick your handset and bundle plan combo to get approved fast. Once approved for a phone deal, your handset will be delivered to your address within 24 to 48 hours. As soon as you receive the phone, call customer service for activation so you can start enjoying your phone services.